A cat killed by hunting dogs in the Côtes-d’Armor

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Pursued into the shed where he thought he was safe, a cat died the day after his attack by a pack of hunting dogs, not far from Lamballe.

A cat died after being attacked by hunting dogs in Jugon-les-Lacs (22), reports Le Penthièvre .

The facts took place last Sunday (November 25). Used to the presence of hunters in the area, the owner of the feline in question had called him several times to encourage him to return, while she heard barking in the distance. She never left her 2 cats (the other had already come home) outside for long on Sundays so as not to be targeted by hunting dogs. Unfortunately, this is what happened to his pet.

As she left, she saw the cat rush through the garden , pursued by a large group of dogs; “ At least a fortnight, maybe more, ” she tells Penthièvre . With the help of her neighbor, she tried to put the canines to flight, but it was wasted. Even their master had lost control .

The hunting dogs tracked the cat to the shed next to its owner’s house. The feline thought to protect himself from his attackers, but the latter flushed him out and left him no chance. He then disappeared . The hunter assured that he was no longer in the small wooden hut when he inspected it.

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The cat’s owner spent the night calling him, but the animal was nowhere to be found . It was not until the next afternoon that he was discovered dying by his neighbor. Her cries of pain were unbearable. She contacted 2 vets to put an end to her suffering by euthanizing her , but none of them was able to come. The poor cat ended up giving up the ghost a few minutes later.

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