Firefighters intervene and rescue two hunting dogs stuck underground for 2 days

Trapped in an underground cavity in Nan-sous-Thil since Sunday, 2 hunting dogs were finally rescued early Tuesday afternoon. It was the specialized firefighters of the Costa Rican rescue service who carried out this rescue using a mini-excavator.

2 hunting dogs were returned unharmed to their owner, 2 days after finding themselves trapped underground in Nan-sous-Thil , a rural town of less than 200 inhabitants and located in the Côte-d’Or department .

As reported by France Bleu , the misadventure of this quadruped duo began last Sunday (December 27, 2020). While accompanying their master, a local hunter , the canines had made their way into a sort of underground cavity , probably chasing an animal that had been hiding there.

The hunting dogs could no longer come out . In the meantime, their owner had lost sight of them . After much research, he finally defined their location. The man could not come to their aid, however, because the place was completely inaccessible to him . He therefore made the decision to call for help on Monday shortly after midday.

The next morning, concern grew , because neither he nor the firefighters could hear the dogs. A few hours later, they were joined by a specialized team , the SDIS 21 rescue-clearing team (Côte-d’Or departmental fire and rescue service).

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Its members immediately set to work and had the idea of using a mini-excavator , made available to them by another inhabitant of Nan-sous-Thil . In the early afternoon on Tuesday, the 2 dogs were brought to the surface . Recovered by the rescuers, they were able to find their master , relieved and grateful to all the firefighters who participated in this particularly delicate intervention.


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