A small dog and a pigeon make a duo of friends as unlikely as they are adorable

When introduced to Lundy the puppy, Herman the pigeon immediately understood that the young quadruped needed comfort. He gave her something even more precious: friendship.

We are always amazed when we discover stories of friendship between animals belonging to different species . Most of these stories include dogs , highlighting their remarkable intelligence and sensitivity. We remember in particular the formidable bond which united Hunter and Jazz the giraffe abandoned by his mother. Hunter’s reaction after the death of the young artiodactyl spoke volumes about the attachment the Belgian Shepherd Malinois felt towards him.

Today, let’s take a look at another no less surprising duo of friends that was formed on the premises of The Mia Foundation , an association helping disabled animals in New York .

Lundy , a Chihuahua puppy, had recently arrived at the New York shelter. As The Dodo tells it, he was born with a deformity that prevents him from moving normally. He needed support more than ever.

For its part, a pigeon named Herman had collected around the same time by the structure. The bird was no longer able to fly due to illness or injury. The shelter team decided to introduce them to each other .

Lundy and Herman were therefore installed on the same bed. Between the 2 animals, the alchemy instantly operated.

The pigeon immediately approached the puppy, as if he had understood that the latter needed attention . Since then, they have not stopped exchanging expressions of affection , as shown in the stunning photos below, posted on The Mia Foundation ‘s Facebook page. A wonderful friendship was born!

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