Dog jealousy

Illustration : "La jalousie chez le chien"

is our dog jealous? If so, how can we prevent them from suffering or becoming aggressive?


dogs are really jealous? Some theories suggest that dogs are really jealous… How to solve this problem?

our dogs are so close to us that we are so attached to them that sometimes we tend to give them our unique characteristics. This anthropomorphic method of course starts with a good feeling, but it may mislead us about the real behavior of animals.


jealousy is a feeling we often express to our friends. Right or wrong? Differences of opinion. In any case, it is obvious that our dog is uncomfortable with our care and tenderness for other animals or people. It is important to respond appropriately to prevent the resulting behavioral problems. Does the

dog really feel jealous? Is the

dog really jealous? No one knows this for sure except the dog himself. In this regard, there are great differences of opinion. On the one hand, some people think our dogs show a similar attitude to our jealousy, but they don’t attribute this feeling to them. On the other hand, some people think that our dogs are as jealous as us.


therefore, the former acknowledges that dogs can certainly see a new existence into their family, whether homologues, animals of other species or humans (e.g. newborn) In fact, if the whole family focuses on the dog, it will cause frustration and even aggressive reaction. But the dog is not jealous. It is not a feeling of jealousy. This is the argument of this “camp”. It should be clear that jealousy is a feeling Human beings are unique because it needs a spiritual production capacity, and the dog can’t do this because it can’t be conceptualized. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more theory that dogs are really jealous…

For some people, dogs experience jealousy as we humans do. In fact, they can reason based on an American study published in the July 2014 Journal of science plus one. The study was conducted by a team of psychologists at the University of California, San Diego, and is based on obse. Each guinea pig is watching its owner play three different things: a fake dog, a Halloween lantern and a music book. When studying dog responses, we found that 78% of dogs pushed their owners when their owners had fun with their fake peers, compared with 40% of pumpkin lanterns and 22% of musicals. A dog’s attempt to attract the owner’s attention can only be a manifestation of jealousy or similar emotions. Whether it is jealousy itself or other feelings, it is important to respond appropriately to avoid unnecessary reactions caused by this emotion. This will involve balancing the need not to yield to the wishes of the dog with the need to understand the dog and RAS. Surer.

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itDon’t drown an animal under caress and reward, because it must understand that it is not your only concern and love. Other family members have the same rights. At the same time, you should not deprive him of your kindness, because it will only aggravate the problem. Just adapt it to a new dog, cat, baby or anything else that may cause frustration for your limb partner. Give it enough time to get familiar with it and pay enough attention to it, especially during walking and Nursing (brushing teeth, etc.), which is still a privileged moment of communication and collusion.

if your dog’s attitude becomes uncontrollable, despite all the precautions you take (aggressive, sad), you can find a behaviorist to help you solve this problem. “

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