20 Borzois with a proud and majestic look

The beauty of the Borzoi is matched only by his temperament of rare sweetness, contrasting with the explosiveness he shows when he runs. Here are some photos showing this dog in its best light.

The Borzoi, also called Russian Greyhound, is a dog of remarkable elegance. An extremely fast runner, he is nonetheless a most calm and loyal companion. Apart from the times when he gives free rein to his talents as a sprinter, the Borzoi seeks the tranquility and comfort of the home as a priority.

Qualities that made him the favorite dog of the nobility, who used him in hunting, and of Russian writers. Several Tsars also counted Borzois in their prestigious kennels.

Because of his presence and his natural grace, the Russian Greyhound is a particularly photogenic animal. This is precisely what these 20 photos show …

1. It is certainly not a Borzoi that we will learn to pose

2. These dogs also know how to use humor

3. Her best friend is a cat

4. The look dogs have when they have done something stupid

5. A majestic Borzoi and a sublime sunset for a perfect picture

6. For these dogs, nothing beats the comfort of home

7. It is certainly not this bitch who will say the opposite

8. Caresses are also welcome

9. She doesn’t have much to envy the horse when it comes to elegance.

10. This Borzoi puppy is having fun like crazy with his friends

11. They too tilt their heads to the side when they try to understand something that is beyond them.

12. A volunteer for a kiss on the nose?

13. She’s not going anywhere without her favorite stuffed animal

14. She is blowing out her 6th candle. Well worth a cute birthday party

15. It’s only a brief respite before resuming his crazy races

16. Borzoi enjoy sunbathing

17. Just like the coolness of the shade on hot summer days

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18. For this bitch, digging is a passion

19. Here is a very beautiful smile!

20. Green grass as far as the eye can see, the sun … This Borzoi is the happiest of dogs


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