How to reduce the itching of dogs?

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, your dog will scratch constantly. You don’t know what to do to alleviate it. Here are some information to help him feel better and avoid itching.


why does my dog itch? The importance of regular treatment my dog has pruritus. What should I do? Use topical care to relieve sensitive / allergic skin. Why does my dog itch?

does your dog often lick, scratch or chew one or more body parts? These symptoms are synonymous with pruritus. The reasons may be multifaceted and sometimes difficult to find. First, you must make sure your dog is free of fleas or other parasites, such as scabies or octopus. If not, it may be skin infection (bacteria or fungi), food or environmental allergy (pollution, mites, pollen and plants, hot and dry climate, etc.) or excessive washing by partners. Finally, itching may be caused by behavior.

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. The most common cause of itching is fleas on dogs. In addition to itching, fleas may also damage the health of animals. Injection can cause blood loss, which is dangerous for puppies, puppies and pregnant females. That’s why it’s important to give him regular anti acne products (straws, tablets or necklaces) that you can find at your veterinarian. In addition to your dog, fleas will enter your entire habitat. Then it’s hard to eradicate them: you have to sweep the vacuum cleaner all over your house, wash all your clothes and linen in the high temperature, and then spray antiperspirant all over the house.

my dog has itching. What should I do?

when your partner has itching, you must find the cause as soon as possible to reduce your pet’s pain and prevent it from getting worse. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian, first to reduce the itching of your animal, and then to implement etiological (specific) treatment. Sometimes it is difficult to find the cause of itching, especially if the itching is allergic. This means that you must follow the treatment all the way and carefully observe your dog to see how the treatment is progressing. If you don’t see any improvement, you should tell your veterinarian to adjust his treatment.

if your dog has sensitive skin or allergies, use local care to alleviate sensitive / allergic skin

, You can relieve it with skin care products. Douxo S3 calm series provides a shampoo that can relieve her itching by repairing the skin barrier. If your dog doesn’t like bathing, don’t panic! Douxo S3 calm series provides effective foam, microemulsion spray or serum. These products are used for general or local itching.

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