From his hospital bed, Lady Gaga’s dog-sitter gives a poignant testimony about her assault

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5 days after the attack he suffered and during which the dogs of his client Lady Gaga were stolen, dog sitter Ryan Fischer launched a moving message via Instagram from his hospital bed. He thanked all those who supported him, the mistress of the French Bulldogs, as well as the police officers who are leading the investigation.”

Ryan Fischer, 30, had come close to the worst last Wednesday (February 24), when 2 armed individuals shot him, wounding him 4 times in the chest. That night, he was walking Lady Gaga’s 3 dogs in Los Angeles: Koji, Gustav and Asia.”

The first 2 had been abducted by the attackers, but the 3rd had fled, before being recovered by the police, then by the bodyguard of the actress and singer of 34 years. She is currently in Italy, where she is taking part in the filming of the film Gucci.”

Since then, Ryan Fischer has been on a hospital bed, but his state of health no longer inspires concern. He was relieved to learn that Koji and Gustav were also back home. The French Bulldogs had, in fact, been spotted by a woman who wished to remain anonymous, and brought back safe and sound.”

This Monday, the dog-sitter returned to this aggression and expressed his gratitude to all those who have given him support and comfort during the last 5 days, as reported by Gala. Via a post on his Instagram account that included a selfie, he explained that he is still recovering from passing very close to death and promises to deliver more information in the coming days.

Grateful for the love shown by his loved ones and for the rescue of dogs

Ryan Fischer wanted to thank his followers and says he is grateful for all the love [he feels] from all over this planet.”

In addition, he praised the efforts of the Los Angeles police who helped bring Koji and Gustav back to safety, as well as the determination of investigators to bring these criminals to justice.”

The dog walker also addressed a touching I love you to his loved ones, who were by his side during this terrible ordeal, and to Lady Gaga, whose babies are back and the family is whole. We did it! he continues. You have done so much for me and my family throughout this crisis […]. I love you and thank you,” he concludes with regard to the Manhattan native.”

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The interested party had also paid tribute to him last Saturday on Instagram, calling him a hero. She had expressed her love for Ryan Fischer, who had risked [his] life fighting for [their] family.”

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