Since being rescued, this dog has had a constant need to be closer to his family!

The dog in question here is never far from his family, except during their boat trips which scared him very much. However, his attachment to his family led him to overcome his fears.

When helped, a dog can do anything to go beyond what causes anxiety in him and overcome this obstacle that seemed insurmountable until then. This is precisely what Charlie did.

This Labrador Retriever was taken in by his family when he was 4 years old. Since then, he has always made sure to be as close as possible to his masters , says The Dodo . The only situation where he prefers not to follow them is when they go by boat , not far from home. The quadruped was terrified of it . “ We never force him to go with us to save him this anxiety, ” says Randi Mendenhall , who is part of his family.

Last May Charlie accompanied them as usual to the water’s edge. His humans boarded the boat, but the dog remained on dry land. His attitude, however, appeared to be different . While he usually stubbornly refused to approach the boat, he seemed sad to see everyone boarding the boat this time.

As the boat pulled away from shore, Charlie unexpectedly decided to dive to join it. Like a good Labrador, he flaunted his swimming skills and ended up reaching the boat with the strength of his paws. They then helped him get on board. He overcame his fear and had a great time on the boat.

Here is his little feat in video :

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