Elisa Pilarski case: the heartbreaking confessions of the young woman’s mother


Nathalie Pilarksi’s interventions are rare. Since the death of her only daughter Elisa following dog bites, she prefers to be discreet. His interview broadcast during the show Seven to eight on TF1 is edifying in more than one way.

Then 29 years old and 6 months pregnant, Elisa Pilarski was killed in November 2019 in the heart of the forest of Retz in the Aisne. A death caused by dog bites, according to the findings of the autopsy. The young woman was accompanied by Curtis , one of the dogs of the couple she formed with Christophe Ellul .


Elisa Pilarski had grown closer and closer to Curtis . Their complicity was such that Nathalie Pilarski confided, more than a year ago, her conviction that this dog could not be at the origin of the tragedy.



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