Italian municipality uses DNA taken from dog poop to punish owners who do not collect

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In a Lombard town, dog owners who do not pick up behind them on the public highway are identified via DNA taken from the droppings to be punished. Several other European cities have reportedly expressed their interest in this process.

DNA tests for dog poop on the sidewalks? This is the method applied to Malnate , a town located in Lombardy in northern Italy, as reported by Courrier International .

Concretely, when municipal employees discover dog droppings on the public highway, DNA is extracted to be compared with those who make up the region ‘s database . All dog owners are required to declare their animals for registration .

And when the authorities identify a master who has not picked up behind his 4-legged companion, a fine of 75 euros is sent to him at home. This is what happened to 40 inhabitants of the town during the year 2019. And very rare were the protesters among them, since the DNA of their dog is attached to the notification of fine to justify the sanction.

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Although it has its limits, especially in the case where the droppings discovered come from unregistered dogs , this measure seems to meet with some success . So that several European cities (France, Spain…) would have expressed their interest . Moreover, the municipality of Malnate will hold, on April 4, a national convention during which it will present the detailed results of the process.

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