Severely neglected dog for years gets a well-deserved makeover

Staff at a shelter in Virginia, United States, were shocked to learn of a new arrival’s miserable condition. The little dog, abused by its former owners, needed a complete makeover.

The volunteers of the animal shelter received in their hands a mass of tangled hairs, covered with urine and excrement. This shapeless mass turned out to be a dog that was saved from hell. The canine was forced to live under a bed for 2 years, with no possibility of receiving any care.

© Richmond SPCA

When I first saw it, I couldn’t tell where the front was and where the back was, ” said Robin Starr , CEO of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA ) from Richmond.

With such an unsightly physique, the unfortunate man would have had no chance of finding a new family …

© Richmond SPCA

New look for a new life

His benefactors have decided to give him a real makeover. The quadruped, named Lionheart ( Lionheart ) was sedated for shock treatment. Rigorous mowing, cleaning of extremely spoiled teeth, care of skin wounds: the veterinary team had their work cut out for them.

And the makeover operation was a success! Like Cinderella turned a gorgeous princess, Lionheart has morphed into a pretty Poodle.

© Richmond SPCA

This intervention made him feel better in his paws. Since that day, he has been more cheerful, energetic and curious.

After 3 months of care and rehabilitation at the shelter, the magic worked again. Lionheart has been adopted!

© Richmond SPCA

Renamed Cody by his new owners, he now enjoys a happy life and enjoys daily the best gift he has ever received: love.

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© Richmond SPCA


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