This ex-stray dog takes pride of place in all family Christmas photos and proves love can change everything

Deanna Greenstein

When you discover the hilarious photos of Penny, it’s hard to believe that this dog was so shy during her stay at the shelter that she was thought to be incapable of adjusting to family life.

2 years ago, an entire litter of 12 puppies was discovered abandoned in a box , near the trash cans. Among these small canines saved at the last minute was a female , now called Penny .

Entrusted to a refuge in Salem , in the state of Massachusetts, she was extremely shy . So much so that the volunteers thought they were going to have all the difficulties in the world to find him a family . Penny has proven just the opposite .

Adopted by Deanna Greenstein and her husband Adam , she was quick to reveal her personality, much more outgoing than people thought. “ Her shyness disappeared the instant she left the shelter, ” the mother tells The Dodo .

In her new home, the dog quickly found her place and became the best friend of the couple’s 5 children : Damon , Ashton , Sadie , Jude and Gabe .

Recently, Deanna Greenstein decided to make some pretty pictures of her children for the Christmas greeting card to send to her loved ones. Dressed for the occasion, her 4 sons and her daughter wisely posed in front of the fireplace. There was obviously talk of Penny accompanying them, but she was not very cooperative. Instead of taking an example from the children, she chose to play the clown .

Whenever the mother was about to take a picture, the dog jumped facing the camera barking, kicking muzzle or licking the phone. Deanna Greenstein has taken dozens of pictures where Penny has displayed her talents as an actress .

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Her kids helped her choose 6. The greeting card was ready, with Penny featured :

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