What is dog acupressure?

Illustration : "Qu'est-ce que l'acupression pour chien ?" and

simply put, acupuncture is a form of acupuncture that uses fingers instead of needles. The exciting points are the same. For thousands of years, it has been good for dogs and humans. Let’s take a look at… Kdspe

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life energy of dogs is the center of traditional Chinese medicine practice. The priority is to coordinate the circulation in the body to ensure that the balance on which individual health and well-being depend is maintained. The benefits of acupressure are not limited to humans. This method can also be used in dogs’ daily life to make them feel better.

acupoint pressing is the general principle of

acupoint pressing is one of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods. It was developed thousands of years ago. Digital acupuncture is sometimes called digital acupuncture because it corresponds to acupuncture with fingertips rather than needles.


refer to the application of digital stimulation at acupuncture points, or more precisely acupuncture. Through these precise operations, we try to restore the life energy balance of the whole body. Diseases and symptoms are indeed related to energy imbalance, which weakens life function.

in dogs and humans, acupoint pressing acts on the meridians. They flow through the energy channels of the body, life energy, called Qi, through these channels. They pass through six negative organs and the same number of negative internal organs.

acupoint compression on humans and dogs is designed to improve health and well-being.

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when applied to dogs, acupoint pressing is based on the same principles as humans. The indications and procedures are similar, but only adjusted according to the dog’s morphology.


are in the dog defined acupoints, including

chest, to improve the breathing at the top of the skull and between the eyes, so as to relieve the dog’s spine, Two thirds of the back length, starting from the neck, is used for back and kidney care and stimulating abdominal vitality to improve the digestion of carp / metacarpal area and reduce head and oral pain in dogs, Acupoint pressing can reduce digestive system disorders, such as spasms that cause vomiting. Dog acupressure is also aimed at improving the quality of life of elderly dogs, especially by reducing joint pain to optimize their mobility. The dog’s acupressure also restores calm and tranquility in the face of pressure and interference. This may include moving or any change in the environment, a new individual (another animal, a baby…) entering his family, etc. Acupressure is a form of massage for dogs. Dogs will soon learn to enjoy its soothing effect. If it is practiced by the master himself, it will help to strengthen the conspiracy with the master. “

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