The release of Disney’s film, “Cruella”, worries animal protection associations

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With the release of the film Cruella in May, animal protection associations fear a wave of adoptions and especially abandonment of Dalmatian breed dogs. A phenomenon that had already been observed after the release of the 101 Dalmatians 25 years ago.”

Will Dalmatians be victims of their popularity again, as they were following the success of the 101 Dalmatians in 1996? This is what the defenders of the animal cause apprehend 3 months before the release of Cruella, as reported by Ouest-France.”

As its title suggests, the new Disney film focuses on the character of Cruella of Hell, a stylist with boundless wickedness and whose ultimate ambition is to capture the Dalmatians to make a fur coat from their white and black dress. The role is played by American actress Emma Stone.”

In a tweet published on February 18, the PETA association expressed its concern about the possible craze that Cruella could arouse for Dalmatian dogs. A renewed interest that is likely to give rise to many abandonments.”

Nobody shows the cruelty of skinning animals better than Cruella, but PETA’s praise will be on paws until Disney takes steps to stop a repeat of ’96’s “101 Dalmatians,” when shelters were flooded with dogs reportedly discarded by fans who weren’t prepared for puppies to grow up.”

” — PETA (peta) February 17, 2021 The sad scenario of 1996 must not repeat itself

No one shows the cruelty of skinning animals better than Cruella, but PETA expects Disney to take steps to prevent the effect of the 101 Dalmatians of 1996 from happening again, as animal shelters have been saturated with dogs presumably abandoned by fans who were not prepared for the puppies to grow, can we read in the publication in question.”

Ouest-France cites, moreover, an article in the New York Times published a year after the release of the 101 Dalmatians and where animal protection organizations denounced the wave of abandonments observed during this period.”

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The media also evokes this eloquent figure revealed by a study of the AKC (American Kennel Club) at the time: 100,000 Dalmatians bought in the United States in 1997. As well as the sad observation made by the Dalmatian Rescue association in North Miami Beach (Florida) the same year, according to which his shelter had welcomed more than 130 dogs of the breed. That’s 2 and a half times the number of animals that the establishment used to take care of annually.”

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