A dog takes a terrible fall from 90 meters in the mountains, rescuers launch a 5-hour operation to try to recover it (video)

A rescue team has been dispatched to the Gray Mares Tail waterfall in Scotland to try and retrieve a dog. The animal made a perilous fall of 90 meters, roughly the equivalent of the Statue of Liberty. Patience and rigor were essential to carry out the operation.

After 45 minutes of difficult search, rescuers were stunned to discover Louis , a Spaniel, on the edge of a cliff. The canine was terrified and kept moaning, reports the Daily Record . To save him, the team hatched a plan and quickly went into action. Using professional equipment, a limb descended to the scared and dangerously stranded canine on the side of the mountain.

© Moffat Mountain Rescue Team

The rescuer took the time to calm the animal and coax it in order to carry it in his backpack. The duo was then reassembled safely.

© Moffat Mountain Rescue Team

The dog escaped unscathed, despite falling from several meters

Louis miraculously survived his fall from 90 meters. No injuries were observed on his body. After a saving operation of 5 hours, the survivor was able to find his owners, to the height of happiness. The emotion was at the rendezvous during the reunion.

© Moffat Mountain Rescue Team

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© Moffat Mountain Rescue Team


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