An Army veteran is desperate for his stolen dog. His wife gave it to him before his death

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A retired soldier has been in despair since the disappearance of his dog, most likely stolen. Maggy, a female poodle, had been given to him by his late wife shortly before his death. The man calls for witnesses in the hope of finding her.

The dismay is total for Jack Bullock , who is desperately looking for his 4-legged friend. Maggy has not been found for forty days and her master does not know what to do to see her again, reported FOX31 & Channel 2 this Sunday, September 5.

This resident of Northglenn , Colorado, had served in the armed forces and experienced the Vietnam War. Maggy was pretty much his only family since the death of his wife Sandy . It is also the latter who had offered him the dog shortly before his disappearance. The female Toy Poodle was, in a way, her farewell gift to Jack Bullock .

He and Maggy were inseparable. She accompanied him everywhere, especially on hikes, and they slept side by side. His absence is extremely difficult for the veteran.


43 days since Maggy’s disappearance

On Sunday July 25, he went to Alcoholics Anonymous in Commerce City , a dozen km from his home. He was accompanied by Maggy , as usual, but he couldn’t get her in. Tied outside, the bitch was no longer there when Jack Bullock came out; there was only his leash.

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For her owner, there is no doubt that Maggy was stolen. He has never stopped looking for her since, posting and plastering wanted notices, inquiring at local shelters and surrounding shops. Warned, the local police opened an investigation.

Jack Bullock has not heard from Maggy for 43 days. Deeply grieved, but refusing to give up, he appealed to the public in the hope that they would help find her.

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