This dog has his own way of asking for things, he gets anything he wants!

Wishing to taste a little of his master’s meal, a puppy has deployed all his arsenal of seduction. He notably took out his lethal weapon, moans that are difficult to resist.

Link is an adorable little French Bulldog dog . Besides his beautiful white dress, he can also count on his irresistible boils and his unstoppable gaze to get almost everything he wants from his master. The latter, a sports coach by the name of Sean Sarantos , however finds the strength to say no to him when he knows that it is for the good of his 4-legged friend.

This is what shows this scene reported by Animal Channel and filmed by the person concerned, who then had the good idea to publish the video on the YouTube platform to share it with as many people as possible.

Sean Sarantos sat quietly on his couch enjoying a bowl of oatmeal with chocolate . Seeing him feasting and attracted to the smell of the food, his puppy immediately approached him to beg him to give him a piece .

Obviously, knowing the dangerousness of chocolate for dogs, the man was determined not to comply with his request. Link , he did not skimp on the means to try to convince him.

He put one paw on the couch first and the other on his leg to make sure he had his undivided attention . The quadruped then began to utter very unusual little cries , resembling sobs mixed with the cooing of a bird . Despite the difficulty of the task, her adopted dad remained adamant .

He was right to do so, when we know that giving his dog table scraps or feeding him since it is not necessary exposes him to great risks to his health: foods dangerous for him (like chocolate here ), obesity , etc.

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