Oldest dog in shelter receives standing ovation when he leaves to join his new family (video)

After spending 260 days in a shelter in Chattanooga, Tennessee (US), Big Mac finally saw his biggest dream come true: he was adopted.

When he arrived, the dog felt nervous around people he didn’t know and had difficulty adjusting to his new life. The volunteers had to be patient and caring to prove to their protege that all humans were not so bad …

Although progress was seen over the weeks, there was still no adoption request on the horizon. Big Mac stayed at the shelter for almost 260 days.

© McKamey Animal Center

A start for a new life

Fortunately, the long-awaited good news has finally arrived. The oldest resident of McKamey Animal Center has been adopted! One of the volunteers literally fell in love with Big Mac , after deciding to become his foster mother.

© McKamey Animal Center

When my colleague took him to foster care, she said the first night he slept 12 hours straight, and really opened up. He wanted to play with his other dog and with the cats,Lauren Mann told Dodo .

The shelter employee’s dog took Big Mac under his wing and helped him relearn to trust humans. Her host family quickly became her permanent family!

© McKamey Animal Center

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When he left the refuge once and for all, the canine was treated to a little surprise … When he left, the staff gathered outside to give him a real standing ovation. Big Mac said goodbye to the association to thunderous applause, and began a new chapter in his life. Today he is happy to be part of a household, the members of which will never let him down.


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