For the first time in Cambodia, a city decides to ban dog meat!

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Tens of millions of dogs are slaughtered every year across Asia. The consumption of their meat is finally subject to a legal ban in Cambodia, which is a major victory against this phenomenon.

Siem Reap is a Cambodian province which is the first in the country to have banned the consumption of dog meat. The new law punishes any offense with a 5-year imprisonment and a fine ranging from 1,500 to 11,000 euros, reports Cnews.

This initiative is in line with laws banning the consumption of dog meat that have recently been enacted in various parts of Asia.

Four Paws is an association that works for the defense of animal rights. She considers that this new law is a real step forward, because the Siem Reap region is an area where the consumption of dog meat was very important .

Siem Reap region agriculture, forestry and fisheries department director Tea Kimsoth says dog meat has mostly gained popularity among foreigners in the country. The South Koreans are said to be the biggest fans.

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In addition to Siem Reap, Four Paws welcomes the ban on the consumption of dog and cat meat in the city of Shenzen , making it the first Chinese city to enact such a law.

Humane Society International recalls that in Asia, more than 30 million dogs are killed annually for the consumption of their meat.

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