Courageous dog comes to the rescue of his owner who fell in a river

Donna Kelly saw her life pass before her eyes. While spending the afternoon with her children by the River Ray in Swindon (England), she found herself in a perilous situation. Fortunately, her dog Willow came to lend her a strong paw.

Everything changed in seconds. Donna Kelly decided to enter the river, when one of her boys lost a toy on the other side. With autism, the child, extremely upset, began to remove his shoes to seek his property.

© Donna Kelly / BBC

My son can’t swim ,” his mother told the BBC , “ I felt the only way to calm him down would be for me to go in the water and retrieve his item. But not everything went as planned.

The family dog was the only one who could save her

Although the river seemed clear and shallow, it hid a terrible danger. When Donna Kelly felt her feet sink into the thick silt, she started to panic. Trapped, as in quicksand, she had the reflex to call her dog to the rescue.

© Donna Kelly / BBC

Calling Willow was the only thing I could do, ” she said. The Labrador in the black coat did not hesitate for a single second, at the sight of his owner in distress. He jumped into the water and walked towards her. His mistress, whose legs were completely paralyzed, clung to him. The duo then swam back to dry land. The canine also helped the chilled Donna to climb onto the bank.

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© BBC Radio Wiltshire / Twitter

The mother of the family was extremely grateful to her brave 4-legged rescuer who, for nothing in the world, would have abandoned his owner.


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