11 photos of dogs in unlikely situations

Our dog friends are the kings of fun situations. These photos will be enough to make more than one laugh.

All dog owners can attest to the amount of nonsense their pets do. They can also attest to the fact that their 4-legged companions don’t always have to do it to be funny. Indeed, dogs have mastered the art of comedy so much that sometimes they just need to sit quietly in their place to create a funny situation.

Here are 11 photos of dogs in very funny situations.

1. This Golden Retriever gets on the plane for the first time, telling himself that his car ride has never been done with so many people before.

2. This Dachshund is totally disturbed at the sight of his doppelganger made of wood

3. Some dogs are particularly flexible around the neck and this is still a mystery to science.

4. These Chihuahuas have adopted the strangest of all dolls. It is in truth a plastic alien, better known as ET

5. This dog has a simple banana for a doppelganger and he is not very proud of it.

6. A real Dalmatian looking at another Dalmatian drawn in pencil, and who is looking at another dog in turn.

7. These figurines seem totally in love with this dog who, however, does not like superheroes

8. A dog with a coat so bright that he turned into a sun

9. This Labrador Retriever has things to say to his interlocutor that certainly could not wait for the next day

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10. The resemblance of some pets to dinosaurs and other Godzillas is striking

11. The painter who was hired to portray this dog encountered a very obedient model.


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