A misunderstanding around the passports of his dogs costs 600 euros to a British owner who was returning to France

While returning to France with his 2 dogs after a stay in the United Kingdom, a Briton living in Morbihan was denied access to the ferry. In question, a confusion involving the French and British European passports of his pets.” Dr. Cris Emson, a Briton living in France, had to pay nearly 600 euros and delay his return to Brittany by 3 days because of a problem with his dogs’ European passports. A story reported by The Connexion, an English-language media devoted to French news, this Wednesday, September 8.”

The man has 2 dogs, for which he had european passports issued in France and the United Kingdom. He lives in Morbihan and recently travelled to Britain with his 4-legged friends. He then presented their British passports.”

On his return to France, he used those issued by a French veterinarian, but he was not allowed to board the Britanny Ferries ferry. According to him, the staff of the Breton shipping company did not provide him with an explanation. He then inquired with an English veterinarian, who explained the problem to him; the French passports of his dogs do not contain information relating to their rabies vaccination. The canids had been vaccinated against rabies, but the details of the injections were only on their British passports, not the French ones.”


EU passports for British dogs more valid since Brexit, as well as the vaccines listed in them

However, EU pet passports issued in the United Kingdom are no longer considered valid in the European common space since Brexit, which came into force on 1 January. The vaccines mentioned therein are therefore not valid either.”

Dr. Emson had no choice but to get international certificates of good health for his dogs and spend an additional 3 nights in Britain. It was only after that that he was finally able to return to France with his pets. Unforeseen events that cost him the tidy sum of 500 pounds, or about 580 euros.”

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Passports EU Fr and UK, what the I-CAD

says In the section dedicated to the post-Brexit provisions, the I-Cad website indicates that When issuing the passport, the veterinarian must report and validate the identification and data relating to valid rabies vaccination, by adding the UK passport number as a reference.”

The body also specifies that the owner can keep the UK passport to justify valid vaccinations.”

Finally, The Connexion ensures that it is possible for Britons with a second home in France to obtain a European passport in France, which is cheaper than the international health certificate.”

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