Moved by this man who offers him his help, this sick dog tied up daily cries when he understands that he is going to be rescued!

A Spanish organization rescued a female dog who was constantly living tied to the wall by a chain. She was ill and isolated from her family.

Nowadays, some people still think that dogs are only used to guard their homes. They tie them up to the entrance and just give them food and drink , without taking them for a walk, or spending time playing and interacting with them. However, a dog must have a family life worthy of the name, as well as interactions with its owners.

The bitch whose story is reported by Animal Channel was one of those unhappy and left behind beings. The Adopt! International (LAI), founded and headed by Victor Larkhill , has been made aware of her case. It is moreover the latter who went there to rescue her.

She lived in a house in Catral , in the province of Alicante in Spain. The female Fox Terrier was chained to the wall of an outdoor room at the entrance of the house and used as a storage room, housing all kinds of tools and mechanical parts. The dog could only move a few tens of centimeters between the interior of the room and its storefront.

When Victor Larkhill approached her, she did not bark a single bark . She seemed too weak to do it and probably resigned . He also discovered that she had a large tumor in her hindquarters. The size prevented him from sitting down , it hurt him so much. The man couldn’t believe his ears when his owners told him they had n’t even given him a name .

The dog’s gaze was sweet and sad at the same time. She kept wagging her tail , because she enjoyed the fact that she was finally being taken care of.

Victor Larkhill took her to the veterinary clinic , where she was finally released from her chain and examined. The x-rays taken confirmed the need to operate on his tumor . The surgery took place quite quickly. It went perfectly and the new life of the bitch, who was called Maria by her saviors, was able to begin.

2 weeks later, Maria had indeed found a new family . Here is the video showing his rescue :

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