20 greedy dogs staring at their owner hoping to share their meal

Dogs take a great interest in what their owners eat. This is what we can see in these photos.

Gluttony is obviously a common trait among all our dog friends. What’s more, our 4-legged companions find anything their owners nibble particularly interesting. So much so that they devour everything we eat with their eyes.

Here are 20 photos of dogs eating with their eyes.

1. When you have your sights set on a packet of cookies that has just been opened, you have to know how to be discreet.

2. This Husky’s interest in the bacon his owner eats is very clear

3. The wait was getting so long that he had to lie down while keeping his eyes fixed on the sandwich his owner eats.

4. He heard the sound of a packet of crisps being opened and immediately turned around

5. With such large eyes, this Labrador Retriever hopes to bewitch his owner so that he gives him everything he has on his plate.

6. A discussion is underway to know if he will have any cake.

7. This old dog got the apple he wanted

8. Although he does not understand that we eat ice cream in winter, he wants to taste

9. He always finds his way to the bowl of soup

10. This elderly dog has lost none of his gluttony

11. He stands directly in front of his owner and his plate to be sure that she sees him.

12. This Golden Retriever is wisely seated in the hope that it will be served.

13. He does not understand what his owner is waiting for to give him some of his pizza

14. He had attempted a step forward towards the plate, but his owner stopped him in his tracks.

15. This Pitbull looks sweet to his owner who eats a mouthwatering steak

16. He doesn’t like the vegetables in his bowl very much, but that doesn’t prevent him from resenting them when his owner eats them.

17. He doesn’t like soups at all, but asks for some anyway

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18. The dog is looking for the cookies that his owner has eaten

19. He sulks because he was refused a piece of pizza

20. At each of his meals, he is entitled to a very interested public


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