The police intervene and save a dozen starving and dehydrated dogs in an octogenarian suffering from Noah’s syndrome

Gendarmes, municipal police officers and members of the Animal Assistance Foundation intervened in a Valdois property last week. An octogenarian kept 11 dogs there in extremely poor hygienic and health conditions. The lady had been reported several times in the past.

Last year, a team from the Animal Assistance Foundation came to the home of an 85-year-old woman, living in Frépillon in the Val-d’Oise, following a testimony reporting dogs locked in vans in inside his property. However, the association could not enter it.

The situation has changed after a recent incident; a person was bitten by a dog near their property. Informed, the gendarmerie and the municipal police arrived on the scene on Wednesday, November 18 to seize the canines living there. Accompanied by the Animal Assistance Foundation, they discovered a total of 11 dogs there , moving in the middle of all kinds of rubbish , reports Le Parisien .

The ground was, in fact, strewn with carcasses of cars and garbage . Rats roamed freely there and an odor hardly bearable reigned there.

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All were supported by the association. They receive an appropriate diet and treatment for various injuries and diseases: testicular edema in whole males, infections caused by parasites, etc. They can be offered for adoption once they have recovered.

Their former owner had already been convicted of animal abuse 7 years ago. She claimed that she was seeking to save these dogs by taking them into her home.


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