Teach his dog what to do

Illustration : "Apprendre à son chien à faire le beau"

it is very important to stimulate dogs by learning various sports. Although it is more interesting than useful, showing off does not violate this rule. Here’s how to teach your dog.


step 1: let him sit down step 2: reward him with candy step 3: put the croquet on his other hand step 4: stop talking with gestures and give him time to learn

sitting in the back seat, Lift and bend your front legs… Doing a beautiful sport is loved by many masters. His study is not particularly difficult. It only needs time and patience to make the dog fit in well. The first step of

: let him sit on the

. Like most exercises, the starting position is sitting. Therefore, the dog must fully integrate the sitting posture in advance. In the process of obeying it, it must maintain this posture without leaving its position and forcing you to repeat the command several times.

once you sit down, your dog will be more alert to your behavior. He looks at you and waits for your orders. Therefore, he is easy to accept and willing to obey you.

step 2: use candy as a reward.

firmly hold a candy (such as a croquet) in your right hand. Put your hand on his head and let your dog lean on his hind legs. Naturally, he will gently stand up, lift his front legs and try to hold the candy in your hand with his mouth.

add the password of “beauty” or “beauty” while you do this. Reward him.

repeat several times to clearly establish the connection between order and movement in his mind.

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. This time, you will do the same exercise as before, but hold the candy in your left hand. The right hand is just for command.


put it out as if there were candy in it, and then give it a password. When he practices, give him the croquet you hold in your left hand to reward him.

repeat this exercise several times.

step 4: in step 4 and the last step, don’t associate the gesture with

. You will first remove the gesture from your hand to complete the learning, Then candy.

to start, please repeat the previous exercise with your hands still. Your dog only needs to obey your verbal orders.

give him a treat when he takes the right posture. Repeat several times. After


, do the same thing, but congratulate him instead of giving him snacks.


also read: use the

button to educate his dog and give him time to learn

Every practice of teaching dogs takes some time to fully master. The speed of learning depends on the difficulty and personality of each animal. Not all dogs train at the same speed.

if your dog needs more time, please wait patiently. He will eventually learn through work and rehearsal.

remember, these exercises are fun for you and him. Don’t over extend these training hours to avoid boring your dog. 10 to 15 minutes a day is enough. “

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