14 pictures depicting the unique beauty of “imperfect” animals

Through her works, a designer decides to prove that animals born with physical irregularities are beautiful. As can be seen in these photos.

Isa is a Dutch artist. Using her talents as a designer, she defends the cause of animals born with a physical malformation. Under the nickname Pet Disneyfication, Isa turns cats and dogs into Disney characters. She thus tries to bring out their beauty.

Here are 14 photos of cats and dogs transformed into Disney characters by designer Isa .

1. Adopted from a shelter, this dog suffers from a deformity in the jaw and has been deprived of an eye

2. A cat who doesn’t have her tongue in her pocket

3. Without his 2 front legs, this puppy needs even more love and attention

4. This kitten lost an eye during a fight but the vet took good care of him and he has been spayed since.

5. This kitten was born with a limited ability to use his hind legs which he has to drag while moving.

6. This puppy has found a loving family who took him out of his shelter and takes good care of him until his fur grows back.

7. His physical deformations do not prevent him from striking a pose next to a very bright Christmas tree

8. This adorable cat is taken care of by charitable souls who feed her and make her gain weight every day. She will soon have eye surgery

9. His wagon allows him to roam the flower fields at will.

10. After his operation, this kitten will have to stay a few more days under the supervision of his veterinarian before being able to join his new family who are impatiently awaiting him.

11. This kitten has learned to walk on its 2 hind legs only

12. An adorable kitten who needs love and care in order to gain strength and regain her health.

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13. He smiles again, happy to have regained his mobility thanks to the cart.

14. This turtle also benefits from a small cart which was made according to its measurements


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