20 photos of cats tired and ready to fall asleep anywhere

Cats are surprised by sleep and fatigue that freeze them in any position. As can be seen in these photos.

Our feline friends are heavy sleepers who don’t care about comfort and cozy beds. No matter what position they find themselves in when fatigue hits them, they immediately fall asleep.

Here are 20 photos of cats ready to doze off anywhere.

1. Sprawled on the sofa like his owner would after a day’s work

2. What could be more normal than falling asleep on the handrail of the stairs?

3. Once his document was written, he turned off his computer and fell asleep on the spot.

4. These 2 cats are out of phase. While one is in good shape, or almost, the other is asleep

5. Falling asleep with your nose in your bowl is a habit of our pets

6. He hasn’t turned around once since he started his nap.

7. Waiting for your owner to finish cooking is way too tiring

8. This cat is asleep on his back on the terrace of his house

9. A cat too tired to get up and catch what it is trying to achieve

10. He will push himself out of the way when he has the strength to stand up.

11. A very large meal is synonymous with an almost total inability to move throughout the duration of digestion.

12. This cat was so tired that his head tilted forward

13. Take a break from your meal and even a nap when you are hungry, but also tired

14. He watched a crime drama on TV until sleep took over

15. He is very well where he is, as the cat said to his mistress to reassure her

16. He was looking out the window and fell asleep, obviously

17. The bit of shadow will suffice for the moment. When he has regained his strength, he will look for another place better protected from the sun.

18. Sport is not for all cats

19. He climbs his cat tree just so he can sleep high up

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20. He was rolling on the carpet and then suddenly fell asleep

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