Rescuers’ unwavering dedication to saving the life of a Labrador victim of a fire (video)

A Vancouver fire department had to respond to a domestic fire on Saturday, July 31 in the evening. Among the victims was a dog.

The dire circumstances at 1268 East 60 Avenue in Vancouver drew the attention of local authorities. And for good reason: a terrible fire took hold of the house. A first team began to extinguish the devastating flames, while another entered the basement to retrieve the family dog.

Fortunately, the fire was brought under control quickly, reveals Vancouver Is Awesome . Although the owner came out of this ordeal safe and sound, it was different for his black Labrador.

The life of the young canine, aged 7 months, was in danger due to the inhalation of toxic fumes. He also suffered from a minor burn to his leg.

© Van Fire Fighters / Twitter (screenshot)

The firefighters had the necessary equipment to save the animal

The firefighters took care of the survivor for nearly 45 minutes. They cleaned his wound and kept him cool, until his owner could take him to the vet. After 24 difficult hours, Labrador has finally started to recover.

This news delighted the rescue teams present at the scene of the accident, who shared a video of the rescue on Twitter. The streak has garnered over 1,000 likes to date.

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Thanks to their dedication and responsiveness, the dog survived the fire. His master said he was very grateful to the rescuers.


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