A dog resembling a balloon on legs receives help from an association to overcome obesity that threatens his health


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) welcomed an overfed Jack Russell who did not exercise enough. The animal had to follow a special diet, thanks to which it lost more than 7 kilos.”

RSPCA staff couldn’t believe their eyes when they first saw Lily. The 8-year-old female Jack Russell weighed 13.7 kg, almost double the normal weight for her breed. Her life was in danger, and for good reason: the obesity she suffered from prevented her from moving and breathing properly. Wounds even appeared on his huge belly that dragged on the ground as he moved.”


Poor Lily looked like a ball on legs when she arrived at our house, a team member told Metro. Its former owner transferred it to the organization, because of its special condition.” Kdspe”

Lily had a poor quality of life and was really at risk of dying prematurely from heart failure, so she really needed help, explained Demi Hodby, an RSPCA inspector. She couldn’t even walk to my van, so I had to carry her.”


A new life for Lily

The team at the RSPCA branch, based in Lancashire East (England), has taken care of her new protégé. A special diet as well as a training program have been established in order to help him lose weight. Over time, Lily went from 13.7 kg to 6 kg.”

Last May, she even found a loving family forever! His new owner, Ruth, was happy to adopt him following the death of his old 4-legged companion. She always follows a special diet and seems really fulfilled and well settled. She is a fantastic dog and I am delighted to take care of her,” said the Englishwoman.

Lily is now a completely transformed dog, who is more active than before and who loves to play. Thanks to the support of her benefactors, she has overcome her obesity and now enjoys excellent health.”

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Obesity, a scourge in pets

According to Dr. Samantha Gaines, animal welfare expert at the RSPCA, obesity is a major concern affecting many of our pets. Recent studies have shown that about half of pet dogs are overweight, which can cause them serious health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes, the specialist said.

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