A dog trapped for 4 days on an icy river rescued and adopted by his rescuer

A month after saving his life, a man decided to adopt a dog that had been trapped for 4 days on an islet in the middle of a frozen river. The canine’s misadventure thus had the best outcome.

Last month, a dog was trapped on a tiny piece of land in the middle of the Detroit River, between Michigan and the Canadian province of Ontario. The quadruped had very probably tried to escape a coyote, thus found himself stuck on this islet surrounded by ice, without any possibility of leaving it.

He was there for 4 days, until the intervention of Jude Mead , employee of the Ontario shipbuilding company J&J Marine , and his colleagues. They borrowed an airboat and were thus able to progress to the location of the dog, which they managed to recover.

The animal, whom his rescuers named Alfonso , was then taken to the veterinary clinic in Woodhaven , Michigan, where he was taken care of by Dr. Lucretia Greear . Upon examining him, she discovered that he was suffering from frostbite, dehydration and pancreatitis.

Fortunately, thanks to the care provided by the veterinarian and her team, her health improved. A miracle, according to Lucretia Greear .

Recovered, Alfonso , who was not identified, needed to find a loving family. It was ultimately Jude Mead who adopted him, reports People .

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