Not found for a month, a dog is spotted more than 2,600 km from his home


The owners of a lost dog called Rocket had been desperately looking for him for a month. They regained hope when they learned that he had just been spotted very far from his home, nearly 30 hours away. 2 brothers recognized the animal and worked to recover it.

The Parkers had not heard from their dog Rocket for 4 long weeks, until its discovery more than 2,600 kilometers from the family home, WABI reported on Wednesday, August 11.

Jason Ramos and his brother Jesse live in Bangor , in the State of Maine (Northeastern United States). They had seen, via social networks, that a family was looking for their dog who disappeared on July 13, and that the latter was likely to be in their city. They then decided to take part in the research in their neighborhood.

They just spotted a dog resembling the one that was the subject of a wanted notice thanks to their cameras. The Ramos then set up a trap cage with food inside to attract the canine, and their ploy worked perfectly. They succeeded in recovering the animal in complete safety, before informing the local animal control service.


Glad to have helped a family find one of their members

Jason and Jesse then took Rocket to the Bangor Humane Society shelter. The dog is doing well and is recovering from his mishap, awaiting the arrival of his masters. The Parker’s home is in the state of Arkansas, a 28 hour drive away.


The brothers are happy to have allowed a dog to find his own. “ The pet is no different from any other person [in the family],” Jesse Ramos said.

We’re going to take good care of him. He’s at the shelter. He will receive a lot of love, attention, maybe even grooming, ”said Trisha Bruen of the animal control service.

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The Parkers had already been to Bangor twice during their research. They will make the long trip a 3rd time, but now they know they will make the trip back with Rocket with them.

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