Stray, distressed dog shows up to family for a walk in hopes of being rescued (video)

There are unexpected encounters that can change a lifetime. Marcy Merritt, an animal lover, was walking in a park with her 2 dogs when she noticed that she was being followed. Another dog that had come out of the thickets did not want to let go of her footing anymore.

I was nervous at first, I didn’t know what to do, ” the young woman told Dodo . Marcy Merritt didn’t expect to run into a stray dog on her walk in the park. The surprise guest first approached the trio timidly. The second the walker cuddled the newcomer, she felt comfortable and stayed by her side the whole way.

The bitch was begging for attention

No one knows the history of this animal, nor how long it has been roaming the park. In addition to his own dogs and cats, Marcy Merritt has taken in 3 dogs awaiting adoption. She didn’t hesitate to save one more.


The full stray dog in the forest story !!! They are a match made in the stars! You can follow these nuggets @vega_and_roits

? Outdoors – Colin Tierney

The bitch found in the park will be offered for adoption

Arrived at the house, the dog was very excited. Marcy Merritt discovered she had a microchip. She told him her name was Venus . Its owners never showed up to pick it up.

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I will be her foster family until she is adopted by a family forever,Marcy Merritt announced. Several people are already ready to welcome her and give her all the love she deserves. A new life awaits Venus .


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