Nine ways to spoil a puppy and be spoiled!

Illustration : "9 manières pour gâter son toutou et être gâté en retour !" and

dogs are social and emotional animals. They accept their master’s love and express their love in their own words. They jump on you and lick you with their tails.


1. Give him love and care. Involve the whole family 2. Watch his fur. He likes these three. Take good care of him and buy him some toys. Hug him. He will repay you. Talk to your dog! sixty-six Keep clean and healthy 7. Take him for a walk in the park regularly. Give him a good education 9. Give him a candy from time to time (but don’t abuse)

our dear four legged companion needs to be spoiled from time to time. In fact, taking good care of his dog can keep him healthy and ensure his emotional balance. Dogs need to spend themselves in interesting activities, have proper diet, walk, take care of their fur, etc.

our dogs love unconditionally and follow the correct boomerang law. These animals reflect the light of love. They have their own ways to express their feelings and gratitude. As the German writer Fritz von Unruh said, “the dog is the only one who loves you more than himself.”

here are nine ways to love and be loved in the way of dogs:

1. Give him love and care. Involve the whole

, and

2 families. Watch his fur. He likes

, and

3. Take care of him and give him toys

, and

to receive suggestions from woopets through registered newsletters. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more 4. Hug him. He will give you the same

, and

5. Talk to your dog! “KDSPS”“KDSIMG6”“KDSPE”6。 Make it clean and healthy

7. Regularly take him for a walk in the

, and

8 parks. Give him a good education

, ,


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9 after the death of a dog. Give him a candy from time to time (but don’t abuse)

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