Injured, this pink-skinned dog jumps for joy when he meets those he loves!

What a long way for Adam, who has meanwhile changed his name along with his life. Once totally neglected, he now has a loving family.

In 2017, 55 animals were discovered in 2 properties where they lived in extremely bad conditions, in Bristol , Florida. The group rescued by ASPCA included cats , rabbits , a guinea pig , a hen , but also dogs , including Adam .

Several weeks later, however, Adam was starting to get better . The medicated baths and antibiotic therapy paid off, and his hair was gradually growing back. At the same time, her cheerful personality was gradually showing itself.

At the time, Hurricane Irma threatened Florida. The dog was then transferred to the Providence Animal Center in Media , PA. A journey of more than 1300 km. At the same time, a couple were looking to adopt a dog when they already had 2 others , as well as 3 cats . Pat and Chuck Feldman wanted an animal that could get along with both their very energetic Cooper and their senior dog Macha , both Boxer crossbreeds.

Pat Feldman recounts the meeting to The Dodo : “ My son and I took our 2 dogs to the center to meet him. The dogs were first presented through the fence, then, as this first contact went well, Adam came to play in the yard where we were ”. In fact, Adam came running and jumping for joy , delighted to get to know the visitors. Even the volunteers who looked after him had never seen him so enthusiastic . The dog had just found his future family . That same afternoon he was with the Feldmans , who renamed him Astro .

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