The superiority of this Carlin is no longer to prove! Every evening, he imprisons his sister in his cage!

The owners of 2 brother and sister Pugs find out what is happening at home while they are away and they are amazed.

Between brother and sister , there is certainly some friction or rivalry. But this does not prevent them from loving each other very much.

The same goes for these 2 dogs who play rather ingenious tricks. Named respectively Elphie and Terrel “Sizzle” Suggs , the younger sister and brother are of the Carlin breed.

When Sizzle was adopted from Delaware Valley Pug Rescue , his parents separated him from his sister by putting him in a cage , so that the latter wouldn’t bother him while they were at work. Then, Andrew Nechetsky , their father, started to find the puppy walking out of his crate on his way home.

He initially thought that his wife had forgotten to close the cage properly, he tells Dodo . Then he realized that the canine had guessed how to get out on his own.

The parents therefore stopped trying to separate the 2 dogs since they ended up reuniting. But their adventure did not end there.

Indeed, back from work, they began to find Elphie locked in her brother’s cage. Which was not easy to explain since the Netchetskys knew that neither of them was behind it.

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You could say that Sizzle knows how to play tricks on his sister. The 2 are very good friends and are constantly having fun together.


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