Students help teacher make dream of adopting a dog a reality

Although it was not their initiative that directly enabled Emily Gray to adopt a dog, the students really touched her by helping her make her choice by offering her a cute test.

Emily Gray adores her students and this feeling is mutual . “ He love and respect her because she genuinely takes care of each of them, ” adds Sutton . So, when they learned that she wanted to adopt a dog, they made it their goal to do everything to make her wish come true .

Thus, when she arrived the next morning in class, she found a questionnaire carefully prepared for her by her pupils. A bit like the test of the choice of dog breed that we offer, it was composed of 19 questions relating, among other things, to the time that she would be willing to devote to the animal on a daily basis, the type of food that she would consider giving him or if she preferred long or short haired dogs.

Moved , she completed the questionnaire just as conscientiously and her students gave her the answer: the dog corresponding to her expectations and her lifestyle was either a Labradoodle ( Labrador-Retriever and Poodle cross) or a Border Collie . They did mention, however, that she shouldn’t forget about the crossbreeds either .

Even more touched by the efforts of her students, Emily Gray did not fail to thank them.

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Emily and Buddy , her new 4-legged companion, get along wonderfully . A news that his students obviously welcomed with great joy .


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