12 failed photos of dogs, but absolutely hilarious

It is often when trying to take a good photo of his dog that he decides to clown or prefers to do something other than pose. The proof with these failed, but hilarious shots.

The funniest photos aren’t always the most elaborate. They are sometimes the result of chance and, very often, the result of a failure. This is even more true when the subjects photographed are dogs.

Our canine friends have, in fact, the gift of showing their comical side when we expect them to behave in an exemplary manner, especially when trying to photograph them.

This is precisely what we can see with the 12 photos below …

1. His mistress wanted to have a nice picture of him … It failed!

2. This Labrador Retriever cares more about what is happening on the other side of the glass than what he looks like.

3. He looks like he looks every time he sees pigeons

4. Rest assured, she is not turning into a monster, but is just yawning

5. It’s the same every time his owner tries to get a decent picture of him.

6. He would not deprive himself of these car trips for nothing in the world, even if his prestige takes a hit.

7. Here is her best smile

8. When sleep prevails, elegance is rarely present

9. It is not this dog who will say the opposite

10. This Boston Terrier, he loses all his means when he sees a tennis ball

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11. She also does nothing but yawn, but her 2 congeners are not reassured for all that.

12. This English Bulldog sticks out his tongue when he sleeps


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