Abandoned in a shelter at the age of 18, this dog never thought of finding a new home

Jaripo, a senior dog, was in desperate need of a new family. The volunteers of the refuge who took him in, posted a message on social networks to help him fulfill his dream … and especially save it.

At 18, Jaripo deserved to let go of his old folks serenely and to be surrounded by love. Unfortunately, his former owner got rid of him. According to the latter, the animal should be slaughtered because of a serious illness. He therefore deposited it in a refuge, without looking back.

Euthanasia threatened the poor dog who, overnight, was abandoned. But the volunteers had other plans for him. They posted a message on Facebook, hoping that kind people would save Jaripo by adopting him.

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Although the post has been shared over 1,500 times, no one has come to claim it, Sharebly reports.

Until the day where…

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The elderly dog was saved at the last minute

This information appealed to Christina Morgan , founder of Paw Works, an animal welfare association in California. She knew right away that she had to lend him a hand. She therefore told the shelter staff that she was on her way.

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Time was running out, as the volunteers explained to him that they could not guarantee that Jaripo was present when he arrived. If he were to be euthanized, they would. The good soul hopped in his car and drove almost 2 hours to meet the dog. Fortunately, he was still alive.

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A happy ending for Jaripo

That day, Christina Morgan didn’t just take Jaripo on board. She also rescued 4 other dogs and a gunshot wounded cat. All were taken care of by Paw Works.

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As for Jaripo , his rescuer took him to the vet. The practitioner revealed that apart from pain in his spine and hips, he did not suffer from any serious illness, as his former owner argued. The senior dog still had some time to live!

© Paw Works

Christina Morgan changed the fate of Jaripo , who came close to death. In addition to giving him the chance to live longer, she found him a loving and caring family. Jaripo has finally enjoyed the retirement he has always deserved. He passed away peacefully 8 months after his rescue, surrounded by a lot of love.


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