A train and its air conditioning break down in the heat. A passenger sees her dog losing his life in front of her eyes!

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The body of his dog could not endure the extreme heat which reigned in the broken down train, a few minutes after its departure for Narbonne. Poopie died under the eyes of his mistress, helpless and desperate. The latter criticizes the railway company for its lack of support.

Ana is inconsolable since the death of her dog Poopie , which occurred the day before yesterday in a train between Narbonne and Béziers , reported La Dépêche du Midi this Thursday, July 22. The animal had succumbed to the heat.

That day, Ana had to go to Marseille aboard an Intercités to be vaccinated. His daughter Amber was waiting for him in the Phocaean city. The departure for Narbonne had taken place half an hour late. The passenger and her dog had to take their pain patiently, but it was only the beginning of the nightmare.

Poopie was a Pomeranian Loulou like this (illustration)

Barely a few minutes after leaving the Aude station in the direction of Béziers , the train was immobilized by a general power failure. The air conditioning no longer worked even though we were in a heatwave at the end of the afternoon. Very quickly, the situation became unbearable for the users.

Passengers had unsuccessfully tried to save him by performing cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth massage after the doors were opened by SNCF staff , but it was too late. The animal had no medical history and was not on treatment.

“I am devastated. No help was given ”

Hello. @ouisncf @SNCF my mother is with her dog in the intercite 4663 the train is stopped in the middle of the track without air conditioning and the dog is dying in hyper ventilation, do you have a solution? Because there is more air conditioning in the whole train

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– Falcon (@ambrebdrlq) July 21, 2021

Thank you to the passengers who took care of my mom, I even had one on the phone, you did cardiac massages and you took care of her until she arrived in Béziers thank you very much https: // t. co / DAG15i4Z9H

– Falcon (@ambrebdrlq) July 22, 2021</blockquote

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