19 dogs who know how to make you laugh

Our pets never stop making us laugh and soften us up. These photos show how each of them goes about making it happen.

Cats and dogs are our best friends and great members of the family. One of the reasons behind this is their way of being and their absolutely adorable and funny demeanor.

Here are 19 photos of gifted dogs and cats to make you smile.

1. A Bulldog who knows how to enjoy the afternoons as they should

2. Like dog, like stuffed animal. But the chair returns rather to the latter

3. This Golden Retriever has a knack for expressing his interest in something

4.2 tennis balls for the price of one

5. This dog has designated his master, but also his headrest

6. A dog ends up looking like his master to the point that we would confuse them

7. Why lie down comfortably when you could find yourself in a sleeping position like this?

8. The light prevents him from sleeping

9. They come to announce their find to their master. A find that required them to share their efforts

10. Like a superhero, he cut the ground in half

11. This bitch steals the socks from the inside to take them outside. When asked, she has no explanation

12. This Boxer catches all the balloons he finds, large and small

13. Whenever he manages to catch his tail, he considers himself victorious and does not let go.

14. He found this area his size and thought it was for him

15. A Poodle who knows how to remain discreet before taking his part

16. He wanted to taste ice cream but found it too cold

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17. A Husky who is not impressed by the good humor of his companion

18. A Pug who hopes to one day fly in the skies

19. He has a brick for a fetish game


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