20 photos of pets that tell the story of their adoption in a shelter

The stories of adoption in animal shelters end well. As these photos show of cats and dogs, happy in their new home.

Between an animal and the person who comes to meet it at the refuge, bonds are established. Following this, the new members of the family are welcomed into their new home , for their greatest happiness as well as that of their owner. This is why all adoption stories end well and are so emotional.

Here are 20 photos of cats and dogs who have met the right person.

1. Adopted only 3 days ago, this cat already has its landmarks and little habits

2. This Schnauzer Crusader lived under an abandoned car until, a few hours earlier in the day, his new family took him under their wing.

3. This bitch had been abandoned in front of a hospital and was immediately rescued by her new mistress

4. The adoption of this dog has finally been finalized. Here he is on his first day in his new home

5. This puppy is comfortably installed on the lap of his mistress who has just adopted him.

6. Since this cat was adopted, she has not wanted to come out from under the sofa. Until this day

7. Welcomed in a shelter just after giving birth, this cat saw all her cubs find their new family and was waiting to meet hers. When she recognized the one she needed, she immediately sat down on her lap to tell him that she wanted it.

8. This dog has met the right people to live his old age the way he deserves.

9. He kept his stuffed animal with him in the shelter and of course took it to his new home.

10. The former tenant of this house agrees to live with the new recruit

11. Arriving from the shelter, this cat is delighted to find boxes that have not yet been unpacked which will become his new playground.

12. This cat is so relieved to have finally found a family that he introduces himself to visitors.

13. There was no question of separating them, so they were adopted together.

14. On his way to his new home, after being adopted from a shelter

15. Happiness reads on his face

16. This German Spitz had a very rough life but now he finally enjoys the love and comfort he deserves.

17. Since living in her new house, she spends her time looking out the window at all the passers-by.

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18. This lovely dog is as lazy as he is greedy and his new family is ready to pamper him as much as he wants.

19. An employee encourages her boss to adopt a dog from a shelter. Thanks to which this brave canine was able to meet his new owner

20. How not to fall under the spell of Odin, a former one-eyed refuge cat with a big heart?


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