Police officers intervene and rescue a dog muzzled and tied to the balcony day and night without food or water

The 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation took care of a dog rescued by the police in an apartment in Seine-Saint-Denis. The animal was abused, tied up and muzzled night and day, at the mercy of the weather and without food or water.

Titou’s nightmare ended with the night intervention of the Drancy police (93), called to the scene for a domestic violence case. This dog , a crossbreed Argentinian Mastiff / American Staffordshire Terrier , was rescued when it was below 2 ° C that evening and he was on the balcony , without any possibility of shelter from the cold , reports the Foundation 30 Million Friends .

It is also the latter who recovered the canine and takes care of him since his rescue . The members of the Foundation and the veterinarian who examined him were able to measure the extent of the suffering experienced by Titou .

It was on the balcony that he was constantly detained and tied up . During the intervention, he had neither water nor food at his disposal.

Because he was permanently muzzled , the dog suffered from inflammation of the skin on the lip and chin. The specialist also indicated that Titou did not benefit from an adequate diet , nor from adapted exercises .

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The Foundation announces that it has filed a complaint against the dog’s owner for acts of cruelty and ill-treatment .

His team do everything they can to help Titou overcome his fears , regain his health, and trust the humans again .


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