Why did my dog run away?

The escape of Illustration : "Pourquoi mon chien fugue-t-il ?" and

is one of the problems that the master is most worried about. When your pet has only one wish: to leave, you will feel helpless. First, it is important to understand the cause of the leak. Dogs never run away by chance. If he often goes out, it is because some things in his daily life are not suitable for him. You must understand why your dog left home. Then correct the possible situation to eliminate this behavior disorder.


your dog will naturally run away. A boring dog… Lack of physical exercise, exclusion, family discomfort, vitality, fear, unreasonable feeling, dog running away from home. How does hs-ha deal with your dog running away from home? Anyway,

your dog ran away. He was not born. His motivation moves him in a direction you find uncoordinated and incomprehensible. However, you must enter your animal’s psychology. Running dogs always have a motive.

should we stop dogs at all costs? There are some ways to make her naturally want to be with you. Running away from home is not only an unpleasant behavior for you, but also a dangerous behavior for him.

your dog is born to run away from home.

some breeds are easier to run away from home than others. Husky, Beagle or Seth likes adventure. There is no better reason than heredity. Don’t complain when your dog comes back from vacation. This will only increase his demand for freedom. Instead, be happy to find him and leave him your love.

is a boring dog…

your dog may be used to leaving your home. At first, it was a short trip. With the increase of distance, the time became longer and longer. As far as you are concerned, you die in pain and imagine the worst. Your dog comes home naturally, dirty and tired. In fact, he’s boring at your house. It’s not enough to take the dog out for a few minutes, walk around the block, pee for six hours, and then go home. Even if you have a garden, it’s not enough. If he leaves, he will feel bored. Take some time to share with him. Arrange a long journey so that he can meet other peers and become an accomplice. Run with him, play ball, be a madman. But be sure to keep your master’s position.

lacks physical exercise

your dog is boring. You may not be enough. Your dog needs to be away from home for at least 30 minutes a day to feel good. Your dog is a social animal. Walking in your garden doesn’t make her happy.

going out gives her a chance to breathe other smells and meet other people and dogs. He heard different voices.

is a sense of

rejection of running away from home. Your dog may be traumatized when he is young. His mother could have pushed him away. Fear of being abandoned. One thing in your family will also make you feel excluded and rejected.

the solution here is to make your dog accustomed to your absence. Again, it takes more time between you leave and come back. Your dog will understand that you will come back every time, and he has no reason to be afraid.

on the contrary, your dog may feel dominant. You must regain control of the situation and let your dog know that he doesn’t have to control you. So you have to give him food in your absence. You shouldn’t give in to all his demands. “Changes have taken place in your home, such as having a child, a new dog, or even moving. Your dog may experience this situation. “Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. To learn more about

, he will go elsewhere to find the peace or love he thinks he has lost. In fact, he tried to escape an environment that was no longer popular. Therefore, if he has a chance, he can find a new foster family…

lacks physical exercise

your dog is very boring. You may not be enough. Your dog needs to be away from home for at least 30 minutes a day to feel good. Your dog is a social animal. Walking in your garden doesn’t make her happy.

going out gives her a chance to breathe other smells and meet other people and dogs. He heard different voices.

sexual vitality

your dog is very hot now. She tried to satisfy her desires. However, this situation is more rare than a male dog because there is a hot bitch in the area where he lives. He can feel her and he will want to join her. Even if he is happy in your house, he will run away. The solution is simple, even if it can’t solve all the problems: sterilization. This will greatly reduce his desire.

fear, an unreasonable feeling,

thunderstorms, parties, fireworks, nearby highways… All these factors will give your dog a sense of insecurity. Your dog thinks his home is a place where he feels uncomfortable, so he will seek comfort elsewhere.

comfort him and let him know that his home is the safest place in the world. Through games, touching and walking,


, lock up your dog and punish him to go out is the worst way to keep him with you. A happy dog, in a pleasant and calm environment, is more likely to stay at home than an anxious or boring dog.

dog’s escape hs-ha

dog is often sensitive and hyperactive. They never stop running, don’t get enough sleep and can’t control themselves. Hs-ha syndrome promotes this behavior in mad dogs. This usually happens far away from home, sometimes injured or tired, because they don’t know where their limits are.

in this case, you need to approach the behavioral veterinarian, who will let you go to an expert for specific treatment. Drugs will be given to your dog throughout his life. Untreated hs-ha syndrome may worsen and worsen. You’d better put all the opportunities on your side.


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deal with your dog’s escape?

doesn’t punish your dog to go home. He will be easier to associate punishment with return. This may make him not want to come back and start running again when he has a chance. Give him a pleasant welcome.

in short,

dogs don’t run away by chance. Fugue always has a origin, a reason, which needs to be determined and treated. Either with the help of behavioral veterinarians or without retraining. Be patient every time. Your dog must learn not to cross the boundaries of an area.

under no circumstances should you punish your dog to come back from running away. You must emphasize walking, playing with him, and rewarding him.

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