2 firefighters jump into the water and risk their lives in an attempt to save a Labrador trapped on a frozen lake

In the United States, firefighters rescued a dog who had found herself trapped on a layer of ice, in the middle of a frozen river. The courageous rescuers braved the extremely cold water and managed to retrieve it unharmed.

Posted on Facebook , the video showing the rescue of a dog surrounded by icy water has aroused many reactions from admiring and grateful Internet users towards the firefighters .

The incident occurred this Wednesday, December 2 in the state of North Dakota. A chocolate Labrador Retriever female, by the name of Lola , was in a very bad shape. She was, in fact, standing on a narrow piece of ice that had formed on the surface of the Sheyenne River , near the town of Fargo . Surrounded by cold water, the dog couldn’t go anywhere.

Fortunately, a passerby noticed it and called for help . Shortly thereafter, Cass County Sheriff ‘s Deputies and West Fargo Rural Fire Department volunteer firefighters arrived at the scene.

2 of the rescuers put on thermal suits . Secured by a long rope held by his colleague who remained on the bank, one of them progressed through the water until they reached the dog.

Lola took a few steps back, but the firefighter was able to gain her confidence by stroking her head. He then carried it to dry land.

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The dog was immediately taken to the police vehicle , where she was dried and warmed up . They found his owner’s phone number on his collar and called him to let him know. Lola was back with her family .


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