15 photos of dogs who are the best friends in the world

Friendship between dogs is made to last. These photos illustrate the best friendly stories between canines.

Some dogs are very social and love to bond with other pets. With these, no conflict is noted when the family decides to adopt a dog e 2. Even more, a very beautiful canine friendship comes to life.

Here are 15 photos illustrating friendships between dogs.

1. Summer is coming and these 2 4-legged friends have the chance to go to the beach daily

2. These dogs were able to regain their mobility thanks to the benevolence of expert veterinarians and charitable souls who adopted them.

3. The naps will be done in groups or not

4. The affection this dog has for his new friend is so precious that it has touched many people.

5. A love story looms on the horizon between these 2 Husky adorned with their bow ties

6. These Labrador Retrievers do everything in common, even roll around in the mud

7. When he felt that his friend was worried by going to the vet, he did not hesitate to reassure him

8. Between these 2 adorable Pitbull dogs, the hugs are legion, even during the nap.

9. A Golden Retriever mother and her baby photographed in a very touching moment of intimacy

10. Long journeys are less taxing when they are done together

11. These 2 friends are so close that they manage to enter into communion with each other.

12. When we are both curious, spying on neighbors will necessarily be a duo

13. Playing brawl is one of the favorite games of the little ones

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14. Every morning, their owners arrange for them to see each other at least the time of a hug

15. An extraordinary friendship between 2 elegant Dobermanns


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