Dog and hedgehog become best friends, help owner conquer anxiety

By adopting a bitch and a hedgehog, Victoria Wright certainly did not expect that these 2 animals, however different, experience such a history of friendship. She also had no idea the impact of the latter on her own life.

Rosie and Olive are real stars on Instagram , where their adventures are followed by thousands of Internet users. However, a priori, they have little in common, the first being a bitch and the other a hedgehog, as NDTV tells us.

Their owner is a 28 year old young woman named Victoria Wright . She lives in Doncaster , in the English county of South Yorkshire.

Canine and Erinacea make an unlikely, but utterly adorable, pair of friends. Rosie , a female Welsh Terrier cross, had been adopted by Victoria Wright from a local shelter in April 2014. As for Olive , who is an African pygmy hedgehog ( Atelerix albiventris ), he has been part of the family since July of the same year. .

The understanding between the 2 animals did not take long to be established. Today she is perfect. Olive and Rosie are literally inseparable, as we can see when discovering their photos and videos on Instagram . An account that totals more than 14,000 subscribers.

A surprising friendship that benefits everyone!

Victoria Wright explains that Rosie had an extremely difficult start to life. Discovery wandering, the dog was in bad shape; she had lost almost all of the hair on her ears and had a nose wound. She was also very nervous, but has since made a lot of progress in this area. Her mistress obviously helped her a lot, but it was also and above all the arrival of Olive in her life that did her good.

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By being the privileged witness of their wonderful friendship, Victoria Wright also benefited from it. The duo helps him, in fact, to get rid of his anxiety just by being at his side.


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