Dog self mutilation

Illustration : "L'automutilation chez le chien",

intensive licking, hair pulling, crazy scratching… Self mutilation of dogs can take many forms. It is important to take immediate action because this behavior involves both its causes and consequences.


what is self mutilation of dogs? Why does your dog hurt itself? What if your dog injures itself? Check whether his dog has good parasite protection, make an appointment with the veterinarian to observe and identify the trigger factors, avoid strengthening and verifying the dog’s self mutilation, make the dog’s environment more calm, and ensure that the dog’s time is spent on physical and mental work every day About the events and / or situations that make dogs anxious today,

magnifies the self mutilation of dogs: what does this mean? How do we explain it, especially how to avoid it? All the answers are here:

what is self mutilation of dogs? The self mutilation of

dogs can be expressed through different behaviors, and each behavior is unique. However, although these behaviors are diverse, they all reflect the discomfort of animals.

in fact, a self mutilated dog is a dog trying to transfer emotion, feeling or pain. He tried to find a way out of his pain by self mutilation.

this may lead to excessive licking of wounds, even infection, symptomatic sexual behavior, such as circling (for a long time, often) grasping the tail, Why does your dog hurt itself? Self mutilation associated with boredom: your dog may lack activity, whether physical or mental, which can lead to alternative activity. Stress related self mutilation: a dog susceptible to stress will seek to release this stress in various ways. This can take the form of so-called “stupidity” (uncleanness, destruction, barking, etc.), or it can transfer evil elsewhere through self harm. Self mutilation related to attention needs: a dog knows that its alternative development will attract the owner’s attention, and then can self mutilate as a call. Habitual self mutilation: this mainly refers to the dog’s habit of scratching due to the existence of parasites. Even after treatment, they will maintain this habit. What if your dog injures itself? First, you must know whether your dog is well protected from internal and external parasites. Because your dog is scratching hard, it is not necessarily a sign of self mutilation, but it may be a sign of (simple) itching.

provide preventive treatment for your dog to avoid the emergence of parasites, or if your dog has been infected with parasites, provide treatment. In addition, please remember to clean and disinfect your entire habitat when appropriate.

appointment veterinarian

is considered self mutilation, sometimes a simple consequence of your dog’s pathological and / or physiological problems.

so please don’t hesitate, In any case, go to your veterinarian to rule out or verify (and treat) any such problems. I especially think of anal gland diseases and fungal infections, such as histoplasmosis.

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triggers. Once all potential physical or physiological causes are eliminated, we will turn to behavioral causes. To treat them, you first need to understand the origin of the behavior and observe what triggers your animal’s self mutilation.

for example, if you have never seen your dog self mutilation, but you clearly determine the physical consequences of this activity, Therefore, when you are away, he will take this behavior, which will put him in a very serious state of stress!

if you observe your dog self mutilating when someone (stranger, man, another dog, cat, etc.) enters your house, it may be because your dog has experienced stress in the presence of such people.

if your dog is self mutilating all day, Of course, he will feel bored and then look for a hobby activity.

avoids strengthening and verifying the self mutilation of dogs.

pays attention to the unconscious conditions that can sometimes be set. In fact, if your dog injures himself and you immediately run to give him another activity, comfort him, or scold him on the contrary, your dog will understand that his behavior will attract your attention.

in fact, he can repeat this behavior and get what he wants forever! Be careful not to enter this mode!


to solve the problem of self mutilation, we must fundamentally solve the problem, not just the surface problem! You need to find out why your dog does this and take corresponding actions, not just temporarily prohibit it from doing so.

makes the dog’s environment quieter and safer.

a self mutilating dog is usually a dog with bad claws, Your role here is to provide a quieter environment for your dog, such as putting a basket in the room, going out regularly and maintaining a consistent attitude, Rules and restrictions formulated at home, etc.

will spend its dog

physically and mentally every day to solve your pet’s boredom and stress. Nothing is better than meeting its (sometimes) many consumer needs! Don’t ignore this, because a dog full of flowers will be a good dog in its claws!


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. Therefore, every day, take your dog outside the garden for at least 30 minutes, provide him with game lessons, regularly teach him new skills, and let him smell the smell left by his friends, Let him / her meet his / her companions, etc.

deals with events and / or situations that make the dog anxious

. If you notice that your dog becomes nervous when you leave, when guests arrive or when there are many people around, please deal with these problems!

I invite you to hire a professional dog educator to help you complete all stages of lonely learning and frustration management. But it can also help you socialize with your dog and strengthen your relationship, so that he can be much easier and his self mutilation activity becomes a bad memory

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