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Should Illustration : "La gamelle pour chien" and

choose small games or large games? What shape should it be? What should it do? Does she have enough resistance? It’s not important to choose a game console. It is destined to accompany the dog for a long time.


why choose the game? What is the preferred account? Plastic toys ceramic toys stainless steel toys toys toys toys toys toys toys toys toys toys What kind of big dog model? What about a dog with drooping ears? What should I choose for a dog with a short nose?

game console is one of the basic accessories you buy when you are ready to welcome your dog. The latter will have to get used to eating in it all their lives, or at least most of the time. Therefore, gametes must be of high quality, especially strong and suitable for the shape and behavior of dogs. Here are some tips to help you choose your pet game correctly. Why does

choose a game? Why is it so important for

to choose games for dogs? First of all, because he had to lean against this container and eat his biscuits alone, keno gave any other form of food. Only in his bowl can he eat, not on your plate or on the floor. The same principle applies to bowls: let it understand that it can quench its thirst only when it is drunk in containers, which helps to prevent poisoning caused by water in other containers that is not suitable for drinking.

therefore, bowls are defined for the safety of dogs, But it also includes children who know they are forbidden to touch it. What material is more popular in

? The game console to be avoided by

is plastic. They wear quickly, especially when chewed by dogs. This not only makes it difficult for them to contain food, but also dangerous, because toxic plastic residues can be ingested directly or mixed with food.

on the contrary, it is recommended to choose stainless steel game console models. Their advantage is that they are unbreakable and easier to clean. The ideal choice is to choose a game console with a non slip base so that the dog won’t turn it over when eating. There are several types of


. Some people can afford it more easily than others. Some are more practical and lighter, but not good for your dog’s health.

receives suggestions from woopets through a registered newsletter. I register your email address to be collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about the benefits of plastic Games: very attractive price (about 10 euros or less), impact resistance. Disadvantages: this kind of dog has weak resistance to male chauvinists. So she quickly collapsed. From the perspective of dog health, it may contain toxic substances harmful to dogs. Balance sheet: prohibited, except troubleshooting during travel. Advantages of ceramic dolls: it is very suitable for dogs with moving or unpleasant tendency to flip dolls. It’s heavy and stable. It doesn’t change the taste of food. This is ideal if your dog has contact allergies. Disadvantages: the price is more expensive than the plastic bowl (20-25 euros). It’s easy to disconnect. Balance sheet: it may be a little expensive, but it’s very satisfactory for your dog. The advantages of this stainless steel bowl are: unbreakable, non slip, easy to clean by hand or dishwasher. It is not harmful to the health of VOdog. All foods are acceptable, even the wettest foods, because stainless steel will not rust. I wish you a long life. Disadvantages: sometimes very noisy. Balance sheet: value for money (average 15 euros). The best dog for you. What kind of game is this for a dog with a strong appetite?

if your dog has a big appetite, or if he is overweight and you want to control his appetite, you can choose a model with a central island.

configuration forces the dog to eat less and fast.

what is the model of a big dog? Do you have a big dog? In this case, turn to an elevated range. There are many such models, including those with adjustable height on the center foot (they usually support two or more consoles). It would be great if you have other dogs of different sizes besides your big dog.

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and a dog with drooping ears? The disadvantage of

dogs with drooping ears is that when they eat, they may find themselves immersed in a fish tank. Therefore, in this case, it is best to choose a game with high edge and high edge.

instead of a dog with a short nose?

for short nosed dogs (French Bulldog, Carlin, Pekingese…), it is best to choose curved and striped dogs. This will make it easier for him to eat this form of food. “

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