A schoolgirl bitten by a dog! Gone, the owner did not call for help

Yen Brouwer / Facebook

In Belgium, a 9-year-old girl on her way to school was bitten in the face by a dog. The animal’s owner could have contacted the emergency services, but did not, leaving the little one to fend for herself.

Anissa , 9, thought that she was living an uneventful day at school on Wednesday 11 September, but it turned out badly for her, as reported by the Dutch-speaking Belgian site Nieuwsblad .

As she was cycling to her school, she stopped for a moment on the way and put it against the wall. At the same time, a dog and his mistress passed near her. The quadruped threw himself on the child and she fell . It was there that he bit her on the right cheek, leaving her with an impressive sore, as seen in the photo below taken by a Facebook user by the name of Yen Brouwer .

The quadruped was probably more eager to play than to assault him , and it’s his owner’s behavior that is to blame. Instead of calling for help , she left the scene without even coming to her aid , claiming that she had unsuccessfully consulted the class diary Anissa had with her in an attempt to find a number to contact.

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Admitted to the hospital , the schoolgirl received an infusion and infiltrations . Still according to Yen Brouwer , his injury should heal without problem. A call for witnesses was launched via social networks to find out more about the circumstances of this incident. At the same time, the local police opened an investigation .

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